Learn piano.

Some students want to learn about the piano while other students want to master the keyboard. SouthSoundPiano is dedicated to helping all students achieve a high standard of musical excellence. SouthSoundPiano offers both private and group lessons. 


Your student should take piano at SouthSoundPiano because it makes you smarter! Studies have found that

  • young children taking piano are smarter than their peers,

  • studying private music lessons helps students score higher on cognitive and spatial tests,

  • students gain an increase in concentration levels, and also

  • gain higher levels of self­-esteem.


Other benefits of studying piano are that students become more well-rounded and interesting individuals, gain a general appreciation of the arts and discover an understanding of music that transcends centuries. Students that perform in the local community gain the opportunity to meet their peers also studying piano, which promotes a healthy competitive environment, as well as developing important social skills that can be applied throughout their lives and future carreer. 


SouthSoundPiano provides the best piano instruction for your student. To meet the instructors Heather White and Greg Moore or sign up, contact us today.

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