Quarter Piano Jury


South Sound Piano believes in developing a healthy understanding of self discipline. Students participate in a piano jury twice a year to help them gain a greater understanding of their own skill level and learning needs. This private event is also an opportunity for students to develop practical goals and plans to personally motivate them to achieve.


SSP is excited to welcome Mr. Angelo Rondello as this year's Jury panelist. Click here to read more about Mr. Rondello


Juries are held at the end of Fall and Spring quarters; Fall Quarter November 17, 2018 and Spring Quarter June 15, 2019.

Annual Recital


This open concert is a public performance where students perform a piece by memory. It is a terrific opportunity for students to perform on stage, in front of their community, with all of their friends and family in the audience, supporting their achievements. 


This years annual recital will be held at the Steinway Piano Gallery on March 30, 2019

Recitals @ The Kenney


These extra recitals are for students who enjoy the chance to take advantage of every public recital opportunity. These voluntary recitals are held at The Kenney in West Seattle. Students are able to prepare for a low pressure public performance while giving back to their community.


These special performances are TBD, stay tuned for more information


Music Artistry Program (MAPs)


These public master classes are sponsored through the National Music Teachers Association and the Washington State Music Teachers Association. Students prepare two pieces, of contrasting time periods, by memory for college level piano professors.


This event is held every February in the King County area.

Other Opportunities


The National Federation of Music Clubs sponsors an annual festival in which students prepare two pieces by memory, a piece from NFMC’s list and a piece of their choice. They are graded on their level of musicianship exhibited during their performance. Students play for the highest score available and may receive a trophy. This annual festival is held during March. 

The Seattle International Piano Festival and Competition provides several opportunities for students to compete locally, nationally and internationally. Competitions and events are held throught out the year. Students of advanced levels may consider participating in one of these amazing events.



Select South Sound Piano sponsored classes include such pianists as Mr. Mark Salman, a Seattle resident and clinician for those advanced students looking for another performing opportunity. Mr. Salman, hailed as as “heroic virtuoso”, offers a very special and unique opportunity for students. Students prepare one or two pieces for Mr. Salman and perform at SSP studio and then receive world class coaching and feedback.


Dates to be determined.

Adult Piano Soirees


Adult Piano Soirees ­are special events where adult students are given an opportunity to perform. These relaxed and fun events are low-pressure and great for gaining positive feedback from other adult students as well as providing a chance to meet the local music community. These events are open to students of other local piano studios, as well as other instrumentalists for a one-of-a-kind gathering.


Dates to be determined.

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